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Hotel Torre Poblado invites you to visit Plaza Botero

The Sculpture Park in Medellín is an open-air museum, and is located in the heart of the city. The Plaza Botero is a huge raised park that has 23 monumental sculptures donated by Fernando Botero, also in this square is the Museum of Antioquia.

The Plaza Botero is located in front of the museum of Antioquia or also called museum Botero, which was also a donation of the Artist Fernando Botero.

In this place of culture you can see 23 sculptures in bronze, which are located throughout the park, from its beginning to its end.

Two water fountains are visible, which allow the park to be more pleasant, one of which is the source of the cacique Nutibara, which is a work of the maestro Pedro Nel Gómez and was restored by the Medellín metro in the year 1996.

This square outside the monumental sculptures, contains four green sectors distributed throughout the geographical space of the place and two more, which belong to the Rafael Uribe Uribe culture palace, but which likewise enjoy and provide visual richness and natural environment to the square, in addition to a huge distribution of wrought iron and wooden chairs that facilitate the contemplation of the artistic, cultural and social landscape that is lived and seen in this public space of Medellín.

This area of culture and free social interaction has undoubtedly become a reference for Medellín and one of the main attractions of the city for national and foreign visitors

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