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Hotel Torre Poblado near of the Cerro Nutibara

The Cerro Nutibara is located in a small and spectacular mountainous formation in the city of Medellín,specifically in the geographical center of the Valle de Aburrá, in the middle of the urban area, on the western bank of the river Medellín, nowadays it is one of the few ecosystems that are conserved in the locality.

Named Morro de Marcela de la Parra and then Morro de los Cadavides in the time of the Spanish conquerors and finally was renamed with the name of Cerro Nutibara, to this day.

With eighty meters of height above the level of the city and its 33 hectares of extension, it offers an important panorama over the whole city.

The Cerro Nutibara is delimited by the north with 32D and 33rd Avenue; by the west with the race 65; by the south with the 30A street and by the east with the bridge that joins the Railroad Avenue with the Guayabal Avenue.

At its top is the famous Pueblito Paisa, which is an allegory to the municipalities of the Paisa Region built in 1977. There is also the Open Air Theater “Carlos Vieco” with a capacity of 3,800 spectators, raised in honor of the composerCarlos Vieco Ortiz.And finally, there is also the Sculpture Park, created in 1983, which is a permanent exhibition of sculptures made by eleven national and international artists and installed in the natural surroundings of the hill, where visitors can appreciate this art in a short walk along its slopes.

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