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BiciTour Medellin

Our beautiful city of Medellin is endowed with a road infrastructure enough to travel by bike (BiciTour Medellin) that is why the Hotel Torre Poblado invites you to do any of the various tours that are offered both in the city and the suburbs, between the main highlights are, Santa Fe Colombia which is a spectacular descent by bicycle, which lasts for 1 day.

At the highest point through the cloud forests, you descend for more than 1700 meters of slope down into the Cauca River Canyon, approximately more than 35 kilometers in length, on this descent you will observe lush and long-range, impressive landscapes views of the valleys. Passing through various ecosystems, picturesque villages and farmland. A day full of adventure offers varied terrain, riding, the main viable track for anyone who can ride a bike, however there are many options for those who want to raise their pulse a little more through exciting trails. In the BiciTour Medellin will have expert guides, high quality bikes and equipment, all followed by professional support of vehicles throughout the tour.

The tour ends in the outskirts of Santa Fe, a city of great historical importance and heritage of Colombia, the day will end in the center of the city, where you can stroll and enjoy the picturesque and colorful city, or, in the option More popular; After 5-6 hours riding on a mountain, from fresh cool mountain air at 2700m, down in the tropical heat, to 900 meters, it is natural to want to hop in a pool and cool off.

For this and much more the Hotel Torre Poblado invites you to enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the BiciTour Medellin

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