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Hotel Torre Poblado invites you to know Avenida Jardín in Laureles

On the Jardín Avenue in Laureles Medellín, a space is developed with greater force where independent designers offer their most creative proposals with stores that are satisfying the great demand of those who are followers of author pieces.

The Jardín Avenue in Laureles, manages to become a commercial reference of the fashion sector. It brings together over 30 creative leather goods, footwear and clothing distributed in 11 great shops that extend to the first park in the Laureles neighborhood.

Many stores have understood the need to have fresh, constant and innovative proposals to ensure interest in consumers.

“It is necessary to understand that in this place is very ingrained the habit of walking because the neighborhood provokes, for that reason we opted to keep the showcases renewed with a rotation of regular clothes, explained Juan Diego Giraldo, partner of Origen.

This brand, which only opened its doors a month and a half ago, decided to bet that young talent recently graduated had a space to sell their creations.

Thank you for visiting Jardín Avenue in Laureles through the Official Website of the Torre Poblado

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